Wednesday, April 1, 2009

White Chocolate and White Knights on White Horses

I think my favorite fairy tale growing up was Cinderella. I always dreamed of Prince Charming falling in love with me, saving me from my meager life, and giving me promises of a life full of riches. When I say that, I do not mean financially, I mean emotionally.

Growing up I was one of five kids. My mother and father had three kids, and when they divorced, my father remarried a woman with two kids of her own. We literally had nothing. My father had a temper was a treacherous storm and when we got in trouble, we knew the worst was coming. I recently watched a video clip where Jesus was being beaten and it was so easy to relate to the torture he endured. As a child (beginning around 3 up to age 10), when we would get in trouble my father would line us up and beat us with his belt on bare skin. I would lie in bed at night crying myself to sleep, dreaming of a prince that would rescue me from a life void of emotions and give me a life full of love and adoration.

In 5th grade, I was saved from that life when my father went to jail. I went to live with my mom and step dad who showed me that there were men out there that could love and had compassion. I started dreaming of the future and wedding dresses and my daddy walking me down the aisle to my prince and a life filled with happiness. When I was 17, those dreams passed away with my daddy.

I spent years looking for my prince, and ended up with a bunch of toads! Boy do I hate warts! In the last twenty years, I have learned some very valuable lessons. Most of them I had to learn the hard way, and the ones that impacted me the greatest were the ones that hurt me the most to learn.

White chocolate is not chocolate at all. Do not ask me why they call it chocolate when it is an imposter! However, I am glad that it is, because it ties in perfectly here. As women, we want our prince to find us, fall in love, and live happily ever after. There is no white knight riding in on a white horse, and if you fall for that man that says he‘s going to give you everything and make your life better then you will just keep falling because he is an imposter.

I discovered that there is a castle and there is a King and I am a Princess and unbelievably, there is a perfect man for me. He just is not going to ride into my life and sweep me off my feet. If you are reading the book that starts with ‘Once Upon A Time’ put it down because you are being disillusioned. There is another book, it starts with ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and earth’, and I encourage you to read it and take every word of it to heart.

I believe God’s word is true and have faith that when He tells me that He will provide a man that will be all I need; I can take Him at His word. God speaks plainly, in 1Samuel:1 Hannah is discouraged because she desperately wants a son, and she prayed to God and pledged to him her son if God would just answer her prayers. God honored her prayers because she was faithful.

When we seek what we need through faith and in accordance with God’s will, He will bless us. I realize now the riches that I dreamed of as a child were spiritual riches that only God can provide when we seek Him.


  1. Now I'm excited! Where have you been? Oh yea, going through a storm and being prepared to bless others.ex

  2. Well dang woman white chocolate is my favorite but when you put it like this it takes the fun away! lol

    In all seriousness, we all have baggage don't we? God carries us through those storms so we can help others...just like you are going to do with your blog. This was an awesome word today. Thank you for sharing.