Monday, April 6, 2009

Trying New Chocolate….

There comes a point in life where you have to venture out a try new chocolate. You are going to find so many different kinds that tempt your palate, but picking the right one can be tricky.

I have recently found myself single again after being in a long-term relationship. While I am not out looking to meet anyone, nor am I ready to get back into a relationship again, it certainly does not hurt to window shop the chocolate to see what is new. This is what I have discovered and why I am still shopping.

My first option is the young, newly divorced, father of one. He is living at home with mom and dad again, looking for a new relationship. I discovered that he is fun to hang out with and nice, BUUUTTTT way too young for me! I have been there, done that, there was 7 years difference between my last boyfriend and me and though he seemed mature enough to settle down at the time, he was not. I am not about to put myself in that position again.

Then I met the quiet and intriguing intellectual. He is witty in an ‘off’ kind of way, but a godly man and encouraging. Problem is, I can’t read him, there is so much wrapping on this one I can’t get to who the real guy is to see if there is anything solid I really like that is worth pursuing.

So then I met the always fun, center of attention, wants to take me out, full of life, let me spoil you guy. It would be great to go out a few times and have him treat me like a princess. Then what comes next? I have learned that people that go out of their way to be the center of attention will always need to be in the spotlight, and that is just way to much effort to put that much energy into one man.

The friend, we all have that one guy friend right? He is the one guy that is there to encourage you and talk to you no matter what. He helps you understand things from a man’s perspective and everything is great. Everything about this guy is great, hard worker, honest, caring, most of all he loves the Lord and he is even good looking which is a plus! Then he asks you on a date. A date is great right? Is it? I mean I have this great friend and all, so what happens if we move to that next level and it does not work out? Do I lose my friend too?

Then, when you least expect it, HE walks in to your life and wham! Talk, dark and handsome! He has the most incredible blue eyes and the strongest arms! He is sweet, funny, caring and interested! Woo-hoo he asked me on a date! We spent all day talking and laughing together, and when we danced, he held me tight and it felt like there was no one else in the world! He is definitely someone I want to get to know better. He has ‘that’ quality certain guys have when you do not know him but you want to.

Then wham! He drops a bomb! He has never found himself in this position before and he did not expect to meet me. However, he is seeing someone else and it would not be right. Then your head starts reeling with questions: did he forget three days ago when he started talking to me? When he danced with me and softly kissed my cheek? How did I find myself right back in the same situation that I just got out of? Am I the kind of girl that guys want to be with but never end up with? What is wrong with me?

On the other hand, he was honest about it and did not let things go to far before he realized the mess he was about to get us all in. At least he was truthful right? Not like the last guy who chased every woman in sight and never cared that he was in a relationship! The one encouraging thing that I walked away from him with was this; he did find value in me enough to be honest. He has my number and if it is in God’s plan then he will call when the time is right and he is not seeing anyone else. I can respect that a lot.

So for the time, I will remain single and still. Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." That is a promise I can find rest in. I can hold on to the hope that God will not let me get involved in something that is not right for me. So until the time is right, I will keep window-shopping for that elusive chocolate that is just right for me!


  1. Oh my goodness. . . this is so on point for me!! I too recently met someone and asked God to intervene if this man was not the one God has planned for me. To my surprise, and utter disbelief given how well things seemed to be going, this is exactly what happened!!!! I am trying the online thing after a VERY long break. In the past, I have met and attempted to get to now several people at once. I learned very quickly that I was comparing apples to oranges because every person is unique. This time around, I have made the personal choice to get to know one person at a time . . . it is far easier on me PLUS I truly give myself a chance to really get to know one man and decide on his qualities alone. Well guess what?!? He turned around and used my choice as a means to say he has decided to get to know someone else. On one hand, I am glad he is choosing to get to know one woman, but on the other, it does hurt that he came to this conclusion based on sharing this with him about me. Needless to say, this particular verse keeps poppoing up, if you will, and I know God is letting me know that this was His will and only through Him will I find His plan for my life. Thank you so much for these blogs! I look forward to continue reading them. =)) Have a blessed day!

  2. Proverbs 18:22 - He who finds a wife finds a good thing.

    Thank God your piece of chocolate will find YOU, so you don't have to look for him.

  3. I just love your blog and look forward to finding out what happens while you "wait on God". In the meantime I nominated your blog for an award here: